Saturday, October 25, 2008

Preacher in Pitt

This is something that most propably would not happen in University of Jyväskylä or any other part of Finland. Preacher came to Campus and started to preach against Alcohol use, homosexuality and light sexual affairs. But that's not even the biggest thing what surprised me, what I found particularry interesting was the reaction of American students. They gathered around the preacher and started to demonstrate against him, one person even started a petition to get the man out of Campus. I disagreed with the man, but I would still not sign a petition that would be against freedom of speech, and I was thinking that so many Americans think they are so pro-free speech, but so did so many sign the petition. It seems like Americans are easily insulted and hurted, if one silly preacher can get that kind of huge reaction.

The preacher was even provided with police officers because the demonstrators got so aggressive and started to throwing "rocks" in Christian metaphorically speaking. The preacher was judging, but the audience were no better. Insults were thrown from side to side and I found it kind of embarrassing that students were so eager to yell mindless insults.

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